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What Is the Lincoln Way App?

If you are the proud owner of a new Lincoln sedan or SUV, the Lincoln Way App offers a unique range of services all designed to make your Lincoln ownership experience seamless. When you download the Lincoln Way app to your smartphone, you can take full advantage of a personal concierge, find and reserve parking spaces ahead of time or schedule pickup and delivery for service appointments. You can even operate your vehicle remotely, making it simple to lock/unlock your doors, get the air conditioning going on a hot day and more!

How Do I Use Lincoln Way in My Lincoln?

You may be wondering how to set up the Lincoln Way App on your smartphone. Simply download the Lincoln Way App through either the Apple® App Store® or on Google Play. Once you do, you can access all of its features through your iPhone® or Android™ device.

Is the Lincoln Way App Free?

Yes, the Lincoln Way App is free for Lincoln owners to use.

How Do I Use Lincoln Way Pickup & Delivery Features?

One of the perks of using the Lincoln Way App is the complimentary pickup and delivery service it offers for all your service appointments. Simply use the Lincoln Way App to schedule a service appointment at our Lincoln service center, and we'll send someone out to pickup your vehicle. They'll leave you with a Lincoln loaner vehicle to use while we service or repair your Lincoln. When your vehicle's service is complete, it will be returned to your home, office or wherever else you may be. We'll even wash your Lincoln for you so it's fresh and clean!

Lincoln Concierge Team 

How Can I Use the Lincoln Concierge Team on the Lincoln Way App?

With the Lincoln Way App, you can access the Lincoln Concierge Team. These are real people who can provide a personal touch and help you handle any bumps in the road. Our Lincoln Concierge Team will provide you with vehicle solutions and roadside assistance whenever necessary. Lincoln Concierge Team members are available 24/7 to answer your questions, wherever you may be.

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Download the Lincoln Way App today for a more personalized Lincoln ownership experience! If you have more questions, turn to our San Antonio Lincoln dealership for assistance.

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