As the winter season prepares to bear down on the greater Cleveland area, our team at Nick Mayer Lincoln is doing its part to get ready for the impending snow fall and freezing temperatures. While the snow has yet to fall in full force, it's always wise to have your Lincoln vehicle properly outfitted and serviced before the conditions take a sudden turn for the worse. Fortunately, we're here with a few quick ways to ensure your preparedness as December approaches:

  • The best place to start is with your tires, specifically their pressure and the amount of tread on them. An easily way to check for worn tread is the Lincoln test: simply place a penny into the tire's tread and if you see the head of Lincoln above the tire, then it's best to replace with winter tires.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in their best condition for use throughout the occasional snowstorm. More importantly, make use of a winter-specific windshield wiper fluid that won't freeze after use - it can even help to clear some pesky pieces of ice from your view!
  • Your brakes are essential to your safety whenever you're behind the wheel, but especially in the winter months. With the roads more slick than ever, taking the time to have your braking systems checked by our service team for any wear could be essential to preventing an accident.

With plenty of reasons to bring your Lincoln vehicle in before the snow finally starts to stick, now is a great time to stop in to have each of your needs met. While you're here having your luxury sedan or SUV properly serviced, you can check out our all-wheel drive capable Lincoln models - such as the Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln MKX. Don't wait until it's too late, come into our convenient location at 24400 Center Ridge Road to have your Lincoln taken care of today!

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