As a Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up of sorts, we thought we'd write a post that marries two of our favorite things: food and the Lincoln MKX. The Lincoln team decided to put the new MKX through its paces via a road trip, and during that trip they made a mouth-watering stop at a Boston bakery called "Wholy Grain."

"Wholy Grain," which began as an "experiment," according to founder Ken Hasset, has grown into a neighborhood success. "With freshly made pastries served in a warm and open environment," reads the recent "Lincoln Now" article on the café, "Wholy Grain is filled with chatter and good energy. Any patron, whether a regular or just visiting, is sure to leave feeling a little more connected to Boston."

Well, we here at Nick Mayer Lincoln, located at 24400 Center Ridge Road in Westlake, want that warm environment with good energy to apply to your car as well. And we think it can with a Lincoln. Some come test drive a new model today!

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