In one of history's most important interviews, a new Lincoln MKZ recently answered a few of our questions. Today, we're delighted to share the record of that interview with you.

Nick Mayer Lincoln: Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

Lincoln MKZ: Not at all. I'm a luxury sedan with a starting price of $35,190. I have an EcoBoost® engine that gets up to 33 mpg highway, but I also come in hybrid form, in which case I get an additional six mpg highway.

Nick Mayer Lincoln: Fantastic. And what do you think are some of the best things about you?

Lincoln MKZ. Not to brag but my interior is exceptionally well-crafted; the premium leather seats are tremendously comfortable. Oh and the MyLincoln Mobile™ App that lets you connect to me with your smartphone is useful; you can even start me from inside on cold mornings.

Nick Mayer Lincoln: Nice. Finally, what are you dressing up as on Halloween?

Lincoln MKZ: A Lincoln MKT. [laughs]


To learn more about the new MKZ, visit Nick Mayer Lincoln at 24400 Center Ridge Road in Westlake.

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