The new Lincoln MKX strives to be the height of luxury, and that goes beyond the physical. When the interior is comfortable, ergonomic, and beautiful, the exterior is stunning, and the ride quality is incomparable, what is left to making the ideal luxury SUV?


Sound is invisible, but its power is perhaps stronger than the most comfortable of leather seats. Priyanka Shekar, audio psychology expert explains that music affects the chemistry of the brain.

Have you ever felt happy just listening to an upbeat song, or cried when a sad song came on the radio?

Brainwaves actually resonate with the beat of music. Different types of music can change your heartrate and breathing, boost serotonin and dopamine, and even, some studies indicate, relieve pain.

Naturally, Lincoln is giving this powerful tool their full attention. The Revel Audio system available in the Lincoln MKX is perhaps the best available in any vehicle, not only because of the quality of speakers, but the placement of those speakers.

Designers of the Lincoln MKX placed heavy consideration on point source architecture-- placing speakers strategically to produce the best mix throughout the cabin. Further software in Lincoln's QuantumLogic® surround sound allows you to choose from various audio modes, that can place you in the front row of a live show, or up on stage with the artists.

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