The 2016 Lincoln MKX has been taking a road trip across the country, exploring interesting people and places.

The Farm Cooking School in Stockton, NJ is a labor of love.

Chef Ian Knaue got his first introduction to farming as a child, where he was required to help out on the family farm.

It was awful.

Every moment he spent toiling in the sun was a moment he wished he could be anywhere else.

So he left.

He went to college in the big city, and got a big city job in Manhattan. Yet, somehow, living his dream didn't feel like his dream anymore.

Those once-resented days on the farm became nostalgic. People in the city don't appreciate where food comes from. You see produce packaged neatly in the store, and you don't think of the seeds being planted in the soil.

You feel disconnected.

It inspired him to move to a farm in rural New Jersey, and teach people with a desire connect with their food.

At Nick Mayer Lincoln, we get that.

Our new vehicles feature authentic materials from quality sources. Look for real walnut, ash, Chilean maple, Ziricote, and other fine woods from trees we can name-- so you can connect with the story of each vehicle.

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